The Cleanup Kids

We fight to protect the trees, the seas, and all that’s in between


To us, activism is more just talking about saving the planet. It means getting out there and getting dirty, while doing the things no one else wants to do.


You only protect what you love. We do our best to educate everyone about the issues affecting our planet and its creatures.


We are about getting dirty and speaking loudly. We are out in the rivers and oceans cleaning up trash, and in your cities pushing for policy change.

Protect Our all Cost

We need to be doing everything within our power to save our oceans and the creatures within them from extinction.

Come see what we've been up to

We don’t mind getting our hands dirty, and we are committed to see our vision through, no matter what it takes.



Ella is from Toronto,Canada. At 10 years old she has been part of several documentary films about conservation, held speaking engagements for audiences of all ages about the crisis our planet and especially our oceans are facing. Actively involved in the “Friday for futures climate striking” campaign, realizing there is no Planet B. She is currently filming the full length documentary film “Oceana” and upcoming television series “Unexplored”. She is a certified “Open Water” scuba diver and loves diving with the apex predators of the ocean, sharks. She cant wait to dive with her best friend Cash and her favorite animal, the Whale shark.



Cash is from Chattanooga,Tennessee. At only 11 years old, Cash is a published author, public speaker, organizer of countless river cleanups, and lover of all things ocean related. Cash is on a mission to eliminate single use plastics and educate people about the importance of recycling. He is an outspoken advocate of eating a vegan diet for the benefit of our planet. He spends time at his local aquarium, learning everything he can about fish behaviour and conservation. Cash is a certified “Open Water” scuba diver, and cant wait to dive with his best friend Ella and his favorite animal, the Whale shark. Also an avid nature lover.