Like the tides, we will rise.

We are on a relentless mission to protect our planet. We will stop at nothing. This is the fight of our lifetime, and all we stand to lose is EVERYTHING.



You only protect what you love, and you can only love what you know and understand. We do our best to educate everyone about the issues affecting our planet and all of it's amazing creatures and ecosystems. We all come from different backgrounds, but one thing we can all agree on is that if we don't learn how to protect this big blue planet we call home, we are all in a lot of trouble. Education is everything!


To us, activism is more just talking about saving the planet. It means getting out there and getting dirty, while doing the things no one else wants to do. It means standing up, and speaking out. It means deciding which side you stand on, and refusing to budge. It means using our voices for those that don't have voices. It is speaking the truth, even when it is hard to hear. Things will never change without us all getting involved.


We are about getting dirty and speaking loudly. We are out in the rivers and oceans cleaning up trash, and in your cities pushing for policy change. We are growing pollinator gardens and raising pollinators. We are planting trees, to keep the forest green. We say what me mean, and we mean what we do. We aren't afraid to jump right in and get involved. No issue is too big, and we believe that you are never too small to make a change.


We are fighting hard to make sure that the next generations have more fish than plastic in the sea, lots of sharks, and healthy vibrant reefs. This is no small task, but we are up to the job! We inherit the earth from previous generations, and it is our vow to make sure the generations that inherit it from us will receive it in better condition as we leave it, then when we came into it.


We are working hard to protect our forests. From the tropical rainforests, to the mangroves, to the old growth forests that are being ravaged by logging. We understand the importance of healthy forests. The individual ecosystems that thrive in these forests are essential for life on earth. When one part isn’t healthy , it sends shockwaves through the rest of the natural world. Our planet is a delicate balance that when one part is threatened, none of the others will thrive. We are committed to planting trees, and increasing further protection for the remaining forests so the next generation has forests that are healthy and beautiful.


Protecting our pollinators is part of our conservation work that we absolutely love. We plant pollinator gardens and raise butterflies. We make sure the the bees have space to thrive and that we spread the word about toxic pesticides. Pollinators are a crucial part of life on earth. Without them our crops will fail to grow, and our wildlife will fail to thrive. Like the pollinators, the balance on earth is delicate, but also beautiful.



Ella is originally from Toronto,Canada. At 11 years old she has been part of several documentary films about conservation, held speaking engagements for audiences of all ages about the crisis our planet and especially what our oceans are facing. She is actively involved in the “Friday for futures climate striking” campaign, realizing there is no Planet B. She is currently filming the full length documentary film “Oceana” and upcoming television series “Unexplored”. She is a certified “Open Water” scuba diver and loves diving with the apex predators of the ocean, sharks. She is passionate about raising butterflies and the importance of protecting the pollinators. Sharing her love of a plant based diet and all the benefits that go along with it, she is the proud recipient of the 2021 Earths’s Own Plant Project.  She cant wait to dive again with her best friend Cash and her favorite animal, the Whale shark.



Cash is from Chattanooga,Tennessee. At only 12 years old, Cash is a published author, public speaker, organizer of countless river cleanups, and lover of all things ocean related. Cash is on a mission to eliminate single use plastics and educate people about the importance of recycling.  He has personally seen to it that 1 TON of aluminium has been recycled instead of ending up in landfills. He spends time at his local aquarium, learning everything he can about fish behaviour and conservation. Cash is an avid nature lover and can be found taking photos pf wildlife when he isn’t busy protecting it. Cash is a certified “Open Water” scuba diver, and cant wait to dive again with his best friend Ella and his favorite animal, the Whale shark.