We are here to change the world

We were born long after plastic was invented. 102 years after actually, but every single piece of it from when it was made, until now, is still on this planet. It’s polluting our water ways, it’s strangling our animals, and it is making us sick. Plastic was supposed to be convenient and change lives for the better. Somehow it has taken over in every aspect of our day to day life. Our food comes in plastic, our drinks come in plastic, we drink from plastic straws, and wear clothes that are made with plastic. There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to plastic. When we walk through the forest we pick up plastic trash. When we walk on the beach we pick up trash. We both have wanted to save the animals, and the oceans and the trees since we were really little.  We see the magic of the planet. We see the beauty in all the animals that we share this beautiful home with. We both are scared of what our future looks like. What will the temperature on this earth be when we are 90 years old? What animals will be left? Will the ocean have more trash than fish? Not if we have anything to do with it. We are here to protect our oceans, save our creatures, plant more trees, and pick up the trash. We are scared of what happens if we can’t get everyone to fall in love with the planet the way we have. So, we made a choice. We have decided that we will use our voices to bring change, we will share our passion to help more kids fall in love with all the animals, and we will spend our time cleaning up a mess that we didn’t make. We are Cash and Ella, and we are here to change the world.

Join in our journey to help protect the planet and preserve nature for future generations.